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Outcast: Second Contact - Cheat Engine Table and Trainer Download

Outcast - Second Contact [cheat]: How to Master the Game

Outcast - Second Contact is a remake of the 1999 cult classic Outcast, a sci-fi adventure game that takes you to the alien world of Adelpha. You play as Cutter Slade, a former Navy SEAL who is sent to Adelpha to find and repair a probe that threatens to destroy Earth. Along the way, you will encounter various challenges, enemies and puzzles that will test your skills and abilities.

Outcast - Second Contact [cheat]

If you are looking for some Outcast - Second Contact [cheat] codes, hacks or tips to make your gameplay easier or more fun, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you some of the best Outcast - Second Contact [cheat] options available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Whether you want to unlock all the achievements, get unlimited ammo, access the cheat engine table or trainer, or just learn some useful tricks for exploring Adelpha, we have got you covered.

Outcast - Second Contact [cheat]: Unlock All Achievements and Trophies

One of the most satisfying aspects of playing Outcast - Second Contact is earning all the achievements and trophies that the game has to offer. There are 39 achievements on PC and 40 trophies on PS4 and Xbox One, ranging from easy to hard. Some of them require you to complete certain tasks, such as killing enemies, traveling through portals, finding items or talking to characters. Others are more hidden and secret, requiring you to discover them on your own.

If you want to unlock all the achievements and trophies without much hassle, you can use a Outcast - Second Contact [cheat] guide that lists all of them and how to get them. For example, you can check out this guide on GameSpot: It shows you all the requirements and descriptions for each achievement and trophy, as well as some helpful tips and hints.

Outcast - Second Contact [cheat]: Get Unlimited Ammo

Another Outcast - Second Contact [cheat] that can make your life easier is getting unlimited ammo for your weapons. Ammo is not very abundant in Adelpha, and you will often find yourself running low on bullets or shells. This can be very frustrating, especially when you are facing tough enemies or bosses.

Fortunately, there is a way to get unlimited ammo for your weapons using a Outcast - Second Contact [cheat] engine table or trainer. A cheat engine table is a file that you can load into Cheat Engine, a software that allows you to modify games in real time. A trainer is a standalone program that does the same thing without needing Cheat Engine.

For example, you can download this cheat engine table from Fearless Revolution: It allows you to edit your oxygen, crystals, metal, shells and zorks values, as well as enable unlimited ammo for your weapons. You can also download this trainer from PLITCH: It offers 7 cheat codes for Outcast - Second Contact, including unlimited ammo.

Outcast - Second Contact [cheat]: Tips and Tricks for Exploring Adelpha

Finally, if you want to enjoy Outcast - Second Contact without using any Outcast - Second Contact [cheat] codes or hacks, but still want some helpful advice on how to play the game better, here are some tips and tricks for exploring Adelpha:

  • Use your scanner often. It will show you important information about your surroundings, such as enemies, items, objectives and secrets.

  • Talk to the Talans. They are the native inhabitants of Adelpha, and they will provide you with useful information, quests, rewards and reputation.

  • Upgrade your equipment. You can find or buy new weapons, armor and items that will improve your combat and survival skills.

  • Explore different regions. Adelpha consists of six regions with different environments, cultures and challenges. You can travel between them using portals called Daokas.

  • Save frequently. The game does not have an autosave feature, so you will need to manually save your progress using save points scattered around Adelpha.


Outcast - Second Contact is a game that offers a lot of fun and adventure for fans of sci-fi and action genres. With these Outcast - Second Contact [cheat] options, you can enhance your gameplay experience even more. Whether you want to unlock all the achievements, get unlimited ammo, access the cheat engine table or trainer, or just learn some useful tips and tricks for exploring Adelpha, we hope this article has been helpful for you. ca3e7ad8fd


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